7 to 12 Education System in The World

Education System in World

All the education systems throughout the world developed and developed based on a number of reasons and goals. The difference in this system is to change the conditions and needs of time and place, such as economic, social, cultural, or political events that affect each country’s own educational system. As an example, if we look at the USA which is one of the countries where educational reform is needed urgently in order not to lag behind other developed countries especially compared with Japan whose educational level is over high quality. The USA’s education system is suitable for them in terms of a modernization process-based model where competitive spirit prevails at the highest level in education. However, when we look at European countries which apply for model educational support, the United States’ education system will not be suitable for them.

The U.S. The Education System is designed to give every student an opportunity to go up in his/her profession, what they want by giving them opportunities to build an ideal career that suits their abilities and hobbies. So students are expected to go after their dreams by pursuing that what they like or prefer whether it belongs to the agriculture industry or medical science field without any bounds; even though there are some fields where people can change their jobs according to changing conditions such as weather conditions (for this reason the farmers who work in farming areas usually change their jobs to other professions like working in factories, taking care of children, or working in offices) or changes in economic conditions. There are also some fields where it is not easy to change jobs because the nature of that job requires intensive training such as piloting airplanes, designing electrical equipment which requires a high degree of specialization.

Education System

The U.S. educational system is based on the principle of “freedom” where students can choose their own path or career depending on their abilities and hobbies without any limits whether they are too old to go to school or do not have money to pay for education expenses. They might take loans from Banks, Financial organizations if they need money for paying tuition fees at universities/colleges/schools, and so on. There is no such law as compulsory education or compulsory education age which gives students the freedom to choose what they want without any boundaries.

The United States has 50 states, each state has its own education system although there are some things that cut across the country such as standards of classes given to students in all schools throughout the country. The U.S.’s offer to someone who wants to study at universities and colleges is “one chance” because if students failed in one subject or course, they can retake it next year provided that they passed subjects/courses earlier taken with satisfactory grades.

Here is a list of types of schools in the U.S

Education System

This school doesn’t require a student’s proficiency examination before enrollment and this school does not have any age limit and also allows the one who is over 18 years old to study while paying tuition fees that are not too high. The student needs to pass a proficiency examination before enrollment and the age limit is 21 years old.

In this school, students need to pass a particular test before enrollment and there is no age limit but it has a higher tuition fee than that of a community college.

The above list for types of schools in the U.S can’t be exhaustive because there are several kinds of schooling systems throughout the country such as vocational education, special education etc.

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