Georgia Homeschooling Laws- A Basic Guide

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Georgia homeschooling is an educational option for parents who would like their children to receive a high-quality education. Although Georgia has some of the most stringent requirements for obtaining child education grants, the state is one of the most competitive states to work in if you’re interested in homeschooling. If you are thinking about homeschooling in Georgia, you should first determine what type of education you wish your child to receive. If you want a public school-like experience, then you’ll need to submit a special declaration to the state Board of Education. Once this declaration has been filed, your child will be automatically eligible for homeschooling in Georgia.

In order to receive this special education program, you must meet all of the specific requirements outlined in the declaration. You will have to provide a letter from the principle that explains why and how you have chosen this particular path. You must also provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Finally, you must submit an application for child education funding along with the above-mentioned forms and declaration.

Process Of Obtaining A Homeschooling Georgia Declaration 

The process of obtaining a homeschooling Georgia Declaration can take up to thirty days. If you submit your declaration after this period of time has elapsed, you will not be granted funding. However, if you submit your declaration before the required period of time has expired, you will receive a diploma. Homeschooling Georgia schools can offer you both a traditional public school diploma and a home-school degree. A high school diploma is preferred, however a GED is acceptable as well.

Once you’ve decided on the type of homeschooling you want, you will need to choose a curriculum. Homeschooling curriculum can be anything from Christian to liberal, religious to secular, or everything in between. Some parents desire a certain type of curriculum, while others want to offer a wide variety of educational options. It is important that you work closely with a homeschooling curriculum consultant to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

State Homeschooling Laws 

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Once you’ve chosen a curriculum, you’ll need to choose which courses you will take. All state homeschooling laws require you to complete both English and Math classes in order to get started homeschooling. Fortunately, these requirements are minimal and only take a few hours each semester. If you wish to supplement your class hours with extra subjects, you can do so through online courses, online tutoring, or by enrolling in a program of study.

Another thing that you should consider is finding a homeschooling support group. There are many different support groups for homeschooling in Georgia, including churches, community organizations, and other groups that encourage family education. These support groups can provide you with everything you need to get started including homework help, advice about the curriculum, and advice about your child’s school year. You can join a homeschooling support group as an individual or as part of a class. If you belong to a homeschooling organization, all of the members will likely have recommendations that you can turn to when you’re having a question. It’s also a good idea to join a homeschooling group because you can be glad that you have such a reliable and dedicated group of people there to help you.

More About Homeschooling Georgia

The first step for any new parent to take is to find out all the information about their homeschool curriculum. You can get started with this by calling your local county office and asking them for more information. Once you have a solid understanding of what is taught in your child’s curriculum, you can then make a decision about the Georgia homeschool curriculum that best fits your family. There are many options and some students prefer certain subjects while others prefer completely different subjects. This is often the case with new parents who are just learning about the homeschooling curriculum.


There are also several very good informational websites that provide very clear and concise information on the homeschooling laws in Georgia. These laws vary from county to county and even from district to district. Because of this, it can be difficult to know where to start. Your county office should be able to help you get started but you should also spend some time online finding out everything you can about homeschooling laws in Georgia.

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