Homeschooling Methods Book Review

homeschooling methods book

For veteran and new homeschool families, this latest release by the editors of The Old Schoolhouse TM Magazine provides a thorough homeschooling convention in an informational book. It details the most popular teaching methods available today, helping parents form an effective education game plan for their children. There are discussions on key issues such as curriculum, homeschooling education model, homeschooling research, and testing methods. Even more important, there is a detailed examination of how these various methods can be used to teach children from different backgrounds and at different ages. There are recommendations on selecting a suitable homeschooling program, creating a schedule for teaching, and maintaining discipline. The book concludes with a review of this year’s most popular and influential homeschooling books.

An Overview

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Homeschooling Parent: How to Choose the Best Approach combines several insightful features that make it one of the most comprehensive and engaging homeschooling books ever written. The book rightly claims to be “the bible of homeschooling,” since it was inspired by the “homeschooling fanatic” John Holt. He is now retired, but the memories he evokes are still fresh. Homeschooling Parent provides a wide-ranging overview of the homeschooling community, including what you should know by being a homeschool parent.

By far the most thorough and useful chapter of The Old Schoolhouse TM Book Homeschooling Parentism addresses the issue of learning styles. Different people need different kinds of instruction, and not all students will learn from the same method. A homeschooling mom might need a different approach than a homeschooling dad. The chapters also provide excellent advice on selecting a good curriculum, developing a homeschooling environment, choosing a homeschooling teacher, and more.

Book Review: Homeschooling Methods

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Homeschooling Parents Network: Learning Style Options in The Old Schoolhouse by John Holt presents another excellent look at the various homeschooling methods available. Holt identifies four basic learning styles: Montessori, Waldorf, Christian, and traditional classroom teaching. All are based on sound educational principles, but some are more popular than others. For example, Christian homeschooling is growing in popularity, but it is not easily adapted to a Christian perspective by some parents. The network offers helpful insights on effective teaching of these four main styles through a series of case studies and discussions.

Homeschooling Methods: The Complete Guide to Homeschooling covers the full spectrum of homeschooling, including core state standards, special needs, religious involvement, academic preparation, and more. This book covers everything from time management to reading lists to proper grammar usage for every situation. With well over 100 pages of helpful content, the book has just about everything you need to get started with a homeschool. In fact, many parents have used the book to start their own homeschooling program.

Homeschooling Methods: The Complete Guide to Homeschooling is the most complete resource for learning and teaching homeschooling, including homeschooling curriculum and teaching methods. It gives you an “all-in-one” approach to homeschooling, offering you guidance on what to consider first before making any decisions on homeschooling unit studies and teaching methods. It also provides you with complete information on teaching aids and other things you will need for your program. You can use this as a model for planning your own homeschooling curriculum or use it as a general guide for teaching. Because it is written for both parents and homeschooling students, it provides an insider’s view of what’s working nationally and internationally and what you can do to make your program unique.

Homeschooling Techniques: Learning Styles for Homeschoolers provides advice on how to best fit homeschooling methods into your child’s learning style. By considering your child’s personality and interests, as well as their ability to work and follow directions, you will be able to choose the right learning styles for your child. This book includes tips on developing a plan of action for homeschooling, along with a look at different learning styles and how they fit into your child’s learning style.

In The End

There are other helpful guides out there. How Much Time is Enough? is a popular homeschooling methods book that teaches you how much time you should spend on various activities, from homework and classwork to socializing with other students and going to parties. The Complete Guide to Homeschooling by Victoria Czaia and JoAnn Simmons is similar to How Much Time is Enough, but it provides extra detail on a variety of homeschooling methods. Other helpful books include Becoming Educated in the Home School by Lisa Nichols and Smart Winning byenda Gilbert. No matter which of these resources you use, you will find useful information to help you decide which of the many homeschooling methods will work best for your child.

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