Homeschooling Methods – What Are They and Do They Work

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Many parents start homeschooling their children the very first year they decide to do so. And for most, it was a decision made out of necessity. Maybe a change in direction had occurred in their family dynamics, or maybe they just didn’t feel like teaching their kids were as important as other, more developed skills. Whatever the case may be, the first year when homeschooling began was anything but smooth. And for some, it was a year full of constant fear and anxiety that were enough to drive parents into a corner and make them want to give up.

An Overview

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Choosing One of the Methods of Homeschooling: The first year, which began with an uncertain commitment to use the traditional, brick and mortar homeschool method, decided to utilize the all in one curriculum. And to their great joy, purchased an all inclusive, “all in one” program for their child’s grade level. As honestly, was never sure what was really doing away from the “classical” methods of classical education. I mean, c’mon – we all know classical music, right? I mean, if you’re listening, it’s got to be something!

But when my child was three and starting to become curious about learning in a different way, I started looking into methods of homeschooling that were less traditional. Some parents choose to go the school route. They believe in working with the children in their own homes, and getting them involved in the lessons and activities at school.

Facts About Homeschooling Methods

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There are two types of this type of homeschooling: One is the classical homeschooling method, where the parent teaches and the child learns. The other is a blend of classical homeschooling along with the school approach. These methods may not use a teacher-rulebook, but they generally do teach the same materials (reading, writing, math, and natural sciences) and they allow the parents more choice in their child’s learning style and interests.

There are many homeschooling methods using a hands-on approach. This is the method many families choose because they don’t have time to teach their children at home. This type of homeschooling offers many benefits such as self-directed learning, personal growth, socialization and communication skills, and many other benefits. There are benefits also to an “in person” approach, such as the interaction with the teacher and the child, the chance to make mistakes, and more. It also gives the parents the advantage of a one on one session to teach the child and/or tutor.

A very popular method used by parents in the Charlotte Mason School District is called the Natural Learning Method or NML. NML is a set of instructional guides that were developed by certified instructors in the fields of child development and educational psychology. The basic concept of the NML is that there are various ways to teach different subjects. Certain subjects, such as phonics, are taught one way and then modified based on the child’s level of understanding and what is being asked.

One great thing about the NML is that it allows the parents and/or tutor to get together with the child every week and discuss what they are doing. The parents can get a bit more hands on with the child, since most of the work is done online anyway. Also, these techniques are quite flexible and can be modified to fit your teaching style. Although NML does have some similarities to other home education methods, it is a very unique method that incorporates a scientific approach to teaching. This means you do not need to buy a specific book about how to design your curriculum and don’t need to be concerned with getting a Ph.D in Psychology from a college in order to teach these techniques.

In The End

Learning through NML might sound like a very boring method, but I assure you it is not. You will learn a wide variety of important lessons, such as how you can motivate your students to do their best, how you can create a highly effective learning environment, how to modify the lessons based on your child’s age, learning different methods for various subjects, and many different methods for teaching math and reading. If you are looking for a classical method for homeschooling your child, I highly recommend NML. It is a great way to bring classical learning into your home.

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