How To Start Homeschool: Practical Steps To Take

how to start homeschool

Feeling overwhelmed now that you have decided to teach your child at home? Here are some practical steps on how to start homeschooling which, if taken, can help you and your children to succeed.

How To Start Homeschool?

The first step is to select a homeschooling school to provide your educational materials. These institutions provide a full range of services to parents who home-school their children. Such schools provide a core set of courses to meet state requirements, electives to round out your child’s education. They also provide a lot of the worksheets, forms, and other administrative tools you will need to document your child’s learning and progress as well as comply with State requirements.

Steps To Take

Next, join a homeschooling association composed of parents like you as well as professionals in education and others. Associations are very helpful in alerting you to changes in state laws and regulations. They can also help guide you in complying with state mandates. And of course, the primary task of these not-for-profit groups is to be your advocate and represent your interests before governmental agencies, committees, and commissions. The value and service provided to you by associations can not be over-emphasized.

You should also take out a subscription to a magazine designed especially for parents who teach their children at home. These publications provide lots of resources for the home school as well as practical articles on how to have a successful educational experience and keep you abreast of the latest developments and trends in homeschooling.

A necessary fourth step is to join a parent’s online forum. These are forums especially for parents who teach their children at home – they provide a unique opportunity for you to interact with other parents and share your wisdom with them, as well as seek their advice. Your home school undertaking is made simpler and less overwhelming when you follow the simple steps outlined in this article.

Tips How To Start Homeschool

Here are more tips on how to start and end a homeschooling day:

1. Set a time to start and end your day. Depending on the subjects for the day, a homeschooling parent sets the time when the class should begin and when it should end. Formalize the start and end of your homeschooling day with a regular routine such as a prayer (for Christian homeschoolers), an exercise, or a particular routine to set the mood of learning for the child and to focus the child’s attention on what is about to happen.

2. Schedule one break in the morning, one break in the afternoon, and lunch in between. Allow the child to digest what has been discussed. Allow the child space to recollect some insights on the activities done.

3. Schedule nap time for younger homeschooling children. And while they are napping, schedule the most difficult and demanding subject with the older child.

4. Assign children into their own study spaces and work areas where you can assign them with their own individual studying. Assisted independent learning should be highly encouraged.

5. For older siblings, you may schedule theory and practice or application of skill and concept separately, especially in science subjects.

6. Allow time for creative independence. With this time, the child should be free to create, read and explore his interests with the parent’s supervision.

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