Major Signs Of High IQ In Children You Must Know About

Major Signs Of High IQ You Must Know About

Does your child have a high IQ than other children of the same age? Well, if you are a good observer then you can definitely find that out. Studies have shown that most of the successful people of all times had a higher IQ than usual and no one identified it. These children are often referred to as “gifted” and they seem to find opportunities even behind closed doors. They rarely give up and end up being recognized in history. Today, we will talk about certain signs that will help you identify high IQs in children.

Good At Memorizing Things

An excellent memory is a sign of higher IQ. If your child is capable of remembering events better than other then this is definitely a sign. Notice how well he defines a certain event that happened in the past along with the minor details which normally we ignore.

Major Signs Of High IQ You Must Know About
Major Signs Of High IQ You Must Know About

Curious Enough

Studies have shown that children with a high IQ are curious. They are always interested in knowing about different things. This is the main reason why they never find studying hectic because they seem to understand things rather than blindly memorizing. They often have knowledge about subjects other children don’t know a word about. They are always ready to learn something new and exciting. Other than that, they ask too many questions to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Moreover, gaining knowledge is not restricted to classrooms for them as they tend to explore and learn wherever they are.

They Have High Standards

It is often seen that such children never settle for less than they deserve. If there is something they find interesting they try their best to get better at it. They are always looking out for opportunities to get better in that particular area. This is the main reason why they are best at what they do. If opportunities fail to knock their door they go out and seek them rather than waiting for them.


It is often seen that such children seem to talk about things from an adult’s perspective. They mature at an early age and discuss topics more like adults. These children are more interested in having deep conversations with adults rather than their age. Moreover, they have a piece of proper knowledge about the events happening around them. If you can discuss almost any topic with them then that is definitely a sign. They are always ready to learn and explore.

Major Signs Of High IQ You Must Know About
Major Signs Of High IQ You Must Know About

Good Sense Of Humor (High IQ)

If your child has a good sense of humor then that is also a sign. Never ignore it!

Reading Skills (High IQ)

Such children develop excellent reading skills before the age of four. Before you could even understand your child would be hooked in reading. They are more inclined towards reading novels and biographies of successful people. They are always curious to explore new books that fascinate them.

These were some of the main signs that prove your child’s IQ is higher than others. Make sure you observe him properly in order to identify.

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