Perfectly Present Elegance And Fashion! Quite Convenient To Tote Around You Anytime And Anywhere!

Are you tired of your big and bulky umbrella? Do you want to get an umbrella which is in fashion with beautiful colors? You would surely need an umbrella in the rainy or summer season to avoid getting wet or protect yourself from harmful sun rays. Then you must have these folding and compact umbrellas, which are small in size but can be very useful. The size of the umbrella is very small, which can be very easy to store in your bag or your purse. You can easily take it with you anywhere without any problem.  

You might get confused with the size of the umbrella because it is of very small size, but it is powerful and can withstand heavy rains and winds. These umbrellas are so designed to protect them from UV protection and are made up of eco-friendly material. It is operated manually with a press of a button, and you can open the umbrella. It has a height of 48 cm, semi-arc of 42.5 cm, and parachute diameter of 85 cm. It comes in various colors like yellow, black, blue, brown-grey, and many more. It has a nice small strip to hang it when it gets wet to dry it. So you can get this amazing mini portable umbrella to protect yourself from rain or shine. 


·         Panel            Material Black Coating

·         Size              S

·         Function         Folding

·         Model Number    Umbrella

·         Product            Umbrella

·         Age Group       Adults

·         Pattern             Five-folding Umbrella

·         Material            Metal

·         Control             Non-automatic Umbrella

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Pros Of Portable Mini Umbrella

·         It is very easy to store and can be taken anywhere without any problem.

·         These umbrellas are portable, lightweight, and easy to transport from one place to another.

·         These umbrellas are reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

·         It will protect you from rain and the harmful effects of the sun, which can cause many skin problems like sunburn, wrinkles, or skin aging.

·         You can even present this to someone as a gift.

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Cons Of Portable Mini Umbrella

·         You have to be very careful when there is heavy wind, and it might fly away and create for someone else or even you.

·         While using an umbrella, you might be obstructing others’ view. It covers a good area which is blank for the person coming from behind.

·         When you are in a crowded place, you might not prefer to open up the umbrella, which may be a problem for others.

·         Due to the compact size, you might face a problem while opening it up because of the whole mechanical kind of stuff present in it. 


If you are very fond of having an umbrella, then you must have this in your collection. It very unique and can be carried easily. You would also get many color options with a stylish look. You can carry this umbrella while traveling or can carry it in your office bag. It can be one of the wonderful things to gift someone, as you can offer this to someone very interested in collecting an umbrella. With easy handling and use, you can get a pair or more for your family members.

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