Socialization Definition Features and Functions

socialization definition

Socialization definition can be defined as the development of the human and their body, brain, behavior, etc; it is the process of inducing an individual into the social world. Socialization refers to the process of socializing or interacting with the world through which a growing individual learns habits, values, beliefs, morals, rules, etc of the social area in which they are born. It is the major way through which a society distributes the cultures from one generation to another to maintain itself. Through socialization, an individual learns social behavior, attains their personality, and acquires selfhood.

Features of Socialization

  1. Implants discipline and build human behavior:

Socialization definition helps control human behavior for every individual from birth to death, it trains them to be social. There are several procedures in society that maintain the social order which becomes part of an individual’s part of life to adjust with the society; through this mechanism, society unconsciously implants and controls human behavior.

2.It is done in a formal and informal way:

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The family is the main and most important source of formal and informal socialization. An individual studies the customs, language, culture, norms, values of the family; another way formal socialization takes place is by direct education and teaching in schools.

3.It is a continuous process:

Once acquired, socialization becomes a life-long process, it doesn’t alter when an individual grows up. However, after a certain age, people change or relearn some social values by themselves. Each member of society helps internalize culture from generation to generation, they transmit the culture to other members, and this way society continues to exist.

Functions of Socialization in the society

There are numerous functions of socialization definition in society. Some of them are-

  1. It helps convert humans from biological beings to developed social beings.
  2. It has the most important role in the early personality development of an individual.
  3. It helps the society members to become disciplined.
  4. It induces different roles to perform for different individuals.
  5. It establishes beliefs, knowledge, and basic skills.
  6. It maintains the stability of social order.
  7. It transmits customs and cultures from one generation to another.
  8. It helps an individual pick up the right aspirations in social life.

Importance of Socialization

Socialization is important for society as well as individuals, it is necessary for making a responsible member out of each human born into it. The child or new individual must have to learn the social qualities in order to survive the society with behavioral qualities and customs. 

Socialization is practically the transmission of a culture, it is the process by which an individual learns and practices social mechanisms, it plays a unique role to maintain differences in societies.


Living beings cannot survive without socialization, it is a learning process by which an individual adjusts themselves in society and finds their role so that they can later transmit that to another generation. It is necessary because when an individual comes to the world, they face many social issues and that is why social control is applied.

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