The Importance Of Gender Socialization Examples In Education

gender socialization examples

Gender socialization examples are helpful in understanding the way children learn gender roles. Socialization refers to the process by which children develop and adjust their behavior and thought patterns to fit the gender roles assigned to them at birth. These gender roles can be based on cultural norms, parental influence, or individual experiences. In many cases, children are exposed to gender socialization through their early years.

Main Ways To Understand Gender Socialization

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There are two main ways in which children experience gender socialization through mass media. First, they may be exposed to the socialization through watching television, films, or playing video games. The second way is through playgrounds, educational games, and organizations where everyone is required to conform to a set gender role. Both of these forms of gender socialization can have a powerful effect on children’s opinions and actions today. This is especially true in societies where conservative groups enforce strict gender roles in society, such as those found in the Middle East and Africa.

Television, film, and games that promote the idea of gender socialization can influence the way children think and act. The influence is most evident in children’s programming, which heavily depends on the advertisers who buy into the marketing of the products being aired. Ads that promote the idea of gender socialization can influence how children think and behave. Advertisers who rely on mass media for the promotion of their products use this strategy as a tool for marketing.

Television, film, and games that focus on gender socialization also teach children certain gender stereotypes. These gender stereotypes are used to explain why particular characters are attractive or why some characters are considered to be classier than others. Some parents and other adults who may be interested in influencing how children behave might find these examples helpful. However, there are many parents who believe that gender socialization is just a waste of time.

Is Gender Socialization Beneficial

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Some people feel that gender socialization is beneficial because it helps children become more sensitive to different kinds of discrimination. These include sex-based discrimination, disability, and age-based discrimination. Children who grow up with gender socialization are more likely to see the world differently compared to those who did not go through this process. They learn gender role models to follow and learn what kinds of actions or behavior are considered to be appropriate depending on the gender role they are playing. They also tend to be more aware of social expectations and how to behave based on these expectations.

Different Examples To Better Understanding

A popular example would be the Disney Channel show, The Disney Princess. The show portrays princesses who have different characteristics but have the same responsibilities as a typical young girl. The show’s main character, Ariel, is traditionally seen as a female and is shown to have strong familial relationships with her family and friends. Her relationship with her stepsister, Belle, is shown to be strained due to their contrasting gender roles. In the series, The Little Mermaid, Belle is portrayed as having the nurturing role while Ariel is seen as strong willed and adventurous. Both of them eventually learn to overcome their gender barriers and find happiness.

Another common example is the popular television series Smallville. This show follows the life of a young woman who is expected to play the role of a typical good role model while simultaneously being strong and compassionate. The women on this show also struggle with having to figure out how to balance their familial and societal roles. It is these struggles that show young girls and women the need to be accepting of their gender identity and to be accepting of the different gender roles that society often places upon them.


Gender socialization examples can be found throughout literature. There is even an episode of Friends where Danny goes to a sleepover in which his friends all dress up as women. Danny is confused and thinks that all of these women are trying to give him a feminine role model. He eventually realizes that all he is doing is trying to live up to a social expectation that he is meant to play. Although this show is geared towards children, the principles involved are still important for all children to understand. It is up to each child to decide what role they want to play and how they are going to convince their peers that they are a good role model.

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