Top US Homeschooling Methods to Consider

top us homeschooling methods

There are many great US Homeschooling methods to choose from when you are considering sending your child to a traditional private school in the US. Choosing the right method is important. Although it seems like a simple decision, the right choice can have a large impact on whether or not your child graduates on time and with a high grade. Here are some of the top US homeschooling methods:

This is considered the “old school” method of educating. It uses books, tapes, and websites as a medium of instruction. It is time consuming, but it can be very cost effective. This is probably the best option for someone who doesn’t have the money to send their child to an expensive private school. However, it takes a great deal of time to learn this method.

An Overview

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The main drawback of this US Homeschooling method is that it doesn’t allow your children to interact with other children. There are no school trips, extracurricular activities, or even group projects. This is a disadvantage if you are sending your child to a private school where they will interact with other students. If you don’t mind this lack of interaction, then this may be a good method to consider.

This is a relatively newer US Homeschooling method that is becoming more popular. It combines the curriculum from the old homeschooling methods with some of the modern methods such as Montessori and Waldorf. It allows your children to use computer technology and their own digital devices without feeling left out. Some people feel that this is a good alternative to the traditional methods because it gives children more freedom and choice.

US Homeschooling Methods


This US Homeschooling method was developed in order to help people learn more quickly and efficiently. It is much more similar to the traditional method in the way that it combines learning with independent study. The main drawback of this is that it does not give your children a structured education. Unlike some of the other methods on this list, this method doesn’t have a set schedule and is considered to be less intensive. However, if you can fit in independent study time into your schedule, this is an easy method to get used to.

One of the top US homeschooling methods used for the 2021 school year is Total Teaching. This curriculum was developed in response to the need for effective ways to teach the curriculum in the face of changing instructional technologies. In this method, you choose a collection of core classes that form the framework of your teaching plan and then customize the method to suit your individual needs. You can easily add new modules as needed. This is a very flexible method that allows you to create a course plan that fits your needs. This is an excellent method for the parent who wishes to continue to educate their children even as their children continue to go through the curriculum.

Perhaps the most interesting method on this list is Homeschooling Made Easy. This is a method that was created by a popular TV personality and claims to provide a step-by-step approach to teaching children. It is one of the more popular curricula packages and it is made up of five main subjects, each of which is presented in a manner that helps your child understand the material.

In The End

One of the most innovative methods on this list is Productivity Secrets. This is a DVD and book that help parents improve their families by teaching them how they can use knowledge from the curriculum and resources available to them to help their children to become more productive. In this method, the author gives a clear understanding of how to find the best tools, activities, and tests to help kids learn quickly. This is a top choice for a large number of parents because it is so unique and there are no similar products on the market that are really effective. This method also has several bonus features, including worksheets for teacher resources and an online support forum. These are all excellent products and if you are looking for an innovative approach to teaching, then this is certainly worth checking out.

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