What Is Socialization And Its Functions Merit And Demerits

what is socialization

What is the meaning of socialization? What are the pros and cons of socialization? Definition of socialization can be defined as the development of a person and their body, brain, behavior, etc . It is a process of seduction in the social world. Socialization refers to the process of communicating or communicating with the world in which a growing person learns the customs, values, beliefs, morals, laws, etc., of the place in which he was born. It is an excellent way for society to have a culture passed from one generation to the next to take care of itself. 

Through socialization, a person learns social behavior, gains his personality, and gains self. It is best to define what socialization is. It has many features, advantages, and disadvantages in human life

The Function Of Socialization And Define What Socialization Is

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There are many functions of socialization, and it is best to define, what is socialization, are as follows:

  • It helps to transform people from living things to developed people in society.
  • It plays an important role in the creation of the first human personality.
  • It helps members of the community to behave responsibly.
  • It appeals to different roles for different people.
  • It establishes fundamental beliefs, knowledge, and skills.
  • Maintains the stability of social order.
  • It passes on customs and traditions from one generation to the next.
  • It helps a person to find the right desires in public life.

Merits Of Socialization

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Socialization has many types of merits on human life, and It is best to define what socialization is. are as follows:

  • Learning and socialization are best for interlinking and going hand in hand.
  • Socialization helps people become independent.
  • Socialization to bits of help for gaining valuable insight into the personalities of other people.
  • It helps to build your presence in society.
  • Socialization is best for individuals to form life-long friendships.
  • The peer group enables the person to have a steady support group outside of his family.

Demerits Of Socialization

  • The demerits also have many demerits on human life, and It is best to define what socialization is. are as follows:
  • Too much socialization can damage respectability and image, especially if people can love others.
  • The group is an integral part of socialization. When they can influence an individual to rebel, it is against his upbringing and his family by encouraging bad habits like drinking and smoking.
  • Religion is an agency of socialization, and it can easily create conflicts of difference between two people.


Humans cannot live without socialization. It is a process of learning in which one prepares oneself in society and finds one’s role so that one can later pass it on to another generation. It is necessary because when a person comes to earth, he faces many social problems, which is why social control is used. It is best to define what socialization is.

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